The Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (DHAF)’s mission is to create access to basic human rights in Somalia through building sustainable institutions in healthcare, education, agriculture, and social entrepreneurship.

With over thirty years of experience serving as change-makers in society, our vision is to generate socially empowered and environmentally-responsible communities committed to sustaining long-lasting peace in Somalia.

Urgent Need: Severe Drought Impacts Hope Village

The UN has warned that because of the drought and famine in Somalia, 185,000 children are at risk of dying of starvation, and about 6.2 million Somalis – over half of the country’s population – are in dire need of food. The drought has killed livestock and dried up rivers and wells. It has caused dysentery, cholera, and other diseases to spread. In the past few months, over 15,500 cases of cholera and 365 deaths were reported. Facing rising local prices, lost livelihoods, and malnutrition, people are leaving their homes to go in search of food and water.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation has stepped up to provide thousands of Somalis with food and medical care. In the Dr. Hawa Abdi Hope Village, which offers education, healthcare, shelter, and training for 90,000 internally displaced peoples in the Lower Shebelle region, DHAF is treating children for malnutrition and dysentery at the Dr. Hawa Abdi General Hospital. DHAF also set up a feeding center, which is providing food to more than 600 people, half of them children, every day.

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