The Waqaf-Dhiblawe Primary School

At the Waqaf-Dhiblawe Primary School, the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation is striving to provide our children with new skills and new opportunities that will provide our children with a brighter future inside Somalia. By providing resources to our teachers on the ground, DHAF hopes to pull our students out of the cycle of violence so that they may start rebuilding Somali society.

The Waqaf-Dhiblawe school offers free education for grades 1 – 7. Since the school opened its doors two years ago in 2010, the student population has grown exponentially to reach 800 last year, demonstrating the strong demand in the community for education. Presently, we have 14 teachers providing lessons in Math, English, Science, Arabic, and Somali.

Our goals in 2013

  • Construction of a school library, school playground, and a grade 8 science lab
  • Increase capacity of our teaching staff through augmenting faculty staff and to create a teacher mentorship program
  • Build a Co-op program to apprentice students to local¬†electricians, nurses, and other professionals in the village

In this trying time for Somalia, we believe that the education system must be preserved and enhanced at all costs, so that when the civil war at last ends Somalia our school may be used as a model for the remainder of the country.