Our Projects

The Foundation currently runs projects on four fronts : Agriculture, Education, Healthcare and WASH.

They are all designed to maximize their transformative impact.

Our Healthcare program is the main focus of the Foundation and has been running for more than 20 years, seeing over 500 patients a day. Our doctors provide free medical care for both the population of the Village and the entire lower Shabelle region.

With Agriculture, we are building a reliable farming system by implementing low-cost and low-tech biotechnological interventions. These interventions will help the camp become self-sufficient and independent from aid and serve as a model for agricultural sustainability for the entire country. The Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation is the only organization in the region developing cutting edge sustainable agricultural solutions.

With Education, we are striving to provide our children with new skills and new opportunities that will provide our children with a brighter future inside Somalia. By providing resources to our teachers on the ground, DHAF hopes to pull our students out of the cycle of violence so that they may start rebuilding Somali society.

Our WASH program is designed to ensure quality water, sanitation and hygiene practices at the Village. This component is essential to reduce health risks amongst the population and provide the people a measure of dignity.