Appeal to Keep the Hawa Abdi Hospital Open

Appeal to Keep the Hawa Abdi Hospital Open

Our Vital Voices Friendship

Our Vital Voices Friendship

Vital Voices started working with Dr. Hawa in 2009, before the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation formally acquired its 501(c)(3) status. Before 2010, Vital Voices was the only 501 (c)(3) charitable organization in the USA that accepted donations and thereby fostered financial support of Dr. Hawa’s work in Somalia.

Today, DHAF is an officially registered US charitable organization and we are pleased to issue charitable tax receipts to anyone who donates directly to our organization.

However, Vital Voices continues to partner with DHAF, using its vast networks to support our hospital in Somalia. Every penny that Vital Voices collects for Dr. Hawa in their online campaign goes directly to DHAF in support of our field operations.

Whether you give online through Vital Voices or DHAF, your support ends up in the same place and 100% of your donation will directly support Dr. Hawa’s life-saving humanitarian operations.

Vital Voices has been a stalwart friend to Dr. Hawa throughout this journey. Thank you for being part of our story!


Support from Our Friends

DHAF graciously thanks Nicholas Kristof at the New York Times and Sarah J. Robbins at the Woman in the World Foundation for their continued support and belief in our work.

Nicholas Kristof has recommended DHAF in his annual holiday-giving guide, “Gifts That Change Lives.” We are privileged to be part of his list of wonderful organizations from around the world.

Sarah J. Robbins has written a touching piece, “Somalia Update: Dr. Abdi’s Camp – In Danger of Closing?“, highlighting our successes and obstacles faced this year. We are very thankful to have Ms. Robbins help raise awareness for DHAF.

DHAF is currently struggling to keep the doors of the Hawa Abdi Hospital open for thenext year. Our goal is to raise $65,575 this holiday season in order for us to continue providing essential healthcare for the 90,000 Somali women, men, and children in the Hawa Abdi Village.

Newsletter and a Warm Wish to Our Donors this Holiday Season

Newsletter and a Warm Wish to Our Donors this Holiday Season

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Camp Resettlement Operation

The Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation is currently in the midst of returning tens of thousands of refugees to their homes and is once again in need of your support!

Over the last summer, tens of thousands of IDPs under the care of the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation were forced to flee from their homes as insurgents from Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen clashed openly with the forces of the Transitional Federal Government in the Afgooye Corridor. The majority of the families in the Afgooye Corridor were forced to flee with little more than the clothes on their backs, as chaos and violence enveloped the region.

Now that the conflict has passed and the Afgooye Corridor is relatively safe once again, the tens of thousands of Hawa Abdi Villagers are slowly but steadily beginning to return to the camp to reclaim their belongings and rebuild their lives. During this extremely arduous and difficult process of resettlement, the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation is asking its sponsors for assistance in making the resettlement process less taxing on the IDPs who have gone through so much turmoil over the last six months.

We are in specific need of:

  1. Mosquito Nets: The rainy season has caused a significant mosquito problem in the camp that is afflicting our IDPs significantly. For the cost of $5, you can buy a mosquito net for our camp’s residents. If DHAF raises $750 dollars, we can protect 150 of our families from mosquitos, thus stemming the spread of malaria in our community.
  2. Funding for daily meals: We are currently feeding as many families as we can with the maize harvested from Doctor Hawa’s farm, but in order to meet our growing needs we require additional resources from our partners. For as little as $15 dollars, a child at our camp can be fed for an entire month (50 cents per day).
  3. Latrines and other personal hygiene facilities: The camp suffered significant damage to its infrastructure during the fighting over the summer. For $350, a latrine can be constructed for our IDPs. Sanitation facilities reduce the incidences of diseases and infections, and will allow our IDPs to attain a measure of dignity in these difficult times.

Every day, more and more families are coming to the Hawa Abdi Village to reclaim their homes and rebuild their lives. By supporting our foundation and its initiatives, you can join us in lighting a candle of hope for these stricken refugees so that we can continue our efforts to build a better future for Somalia.

Waqaf-Dhiblawe School now in session

The Doctor Hawa Abdi Foundation is very pleased to announce that the Waqaf-Dhiblawe Primary School was finally able to open its doors for a new academic year last Saturday (which are Mondays in Somalia!). This is a school that is entering its third year of operation and serves as the only source of free education in the region.

Students in line at the opening ceremony

At our opening ceremony, most of our students were entering grade one and are beginning lessons in English, Math, Somali, and Arabic. After all the delays that the school suffered after the conflict that raged through the Afgooye Corridor over the summer, we are extremely pleased to have our children and teachers back in the classroom.

This year, we are in the process of expanding our school facilities in order to enhance student learning. Our major projects are:

  • Teacher mentorship program: We are currently in process of creating an Internet teacher mentorship network to build a connection between our teachers and professional Somali educators from the Diaspora. This will serve as a support network where our school teachers can enhance their classroom teaching abilities through discussing lesson plans, exchanging ideas on classroom management skills with their respective mentors.
  • Construction of a Library: We are presently in the process of building a school library for our children. This library will be stocked with Somali, Arabic, and English reading material. The facility will serve as a quiet place for students to study, as well as a suitable meeting place for teachers to meet with parents to discuss their children’s education. The library room is a longstanding request from both our teachers and students, and we are very excited to see it put together!
  • Construction of a Science Lab: This academic year will be the first time that the school will be offering Grade 8 courses, which includes science as part of the curriculum. The lab will allow children to work with a few basic chemistry sets, containing beakers and other basic scientific supplies.

The Waqaf-Dhiblawe School is a grades 1 – 8 school that offers free education in a region that has been blighted by civil strife. We are very proud to be able to offer the opportunity to give our children an education and protect them from the blights of illiteracy and poverty.


Your donation can greatly contribute to our budget for education. This means your money can help purchase essential and necessary school materials. Our priority currently is to gather sufficient funds to purchase textbooks and school supplies to enhance the quality of education and experience for the children.

In other news, our Women’s Education Center will be opening two weeks from now. Stay tuned for more updates!

A special thank you to the Global Enrichment Foundation, who is generously supporting the operations of the Waqaf-Dhiblawe School.

Deqo Mohamed at Black Girls Rock!

Be sure to tune in to BET this coming Sunday at 7pm EST for the broadcast of the Black Girls Rock award. Our very own Dr. Deqo Mohamed will be appearing at this amazing event to receive BET’s 2012 Social Humanitarian Award. The BET Awards are dedicated to celebrating the achievements of African women worldwide, and we are quite pleased to be part of these festivities! It truly will be a night to remember!

Be certain to tune in this Sunday!