About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create access to basic human rights in Somalia through building sustainable institutions in healthcare, education, agriculture, and social entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to generate socially empowered and environmentally-responsible communities committed to sustaining long-lasting peace in Somalia.

We value solutions, equality, passionprofessionalismintegrityrespecthumility, and commitment.

Since 1983, we have provided healthcare, education, food and clean water to displaced Somalis independent of their clan, gender, religious and political affiliation. DHAF is a solutions-oriented organization that seeks to provide our people with the skills, resources and knowledge to stand on their own feet.

Our Foundation

DHAF is an independent non-profit organization that is registered as 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States. The Foundation aims to raises funds to provide emergency relief to Somalis stricken by famine and war, while empowering them to take command of their own futures. We are one of the oldest NGOs operating inside of Somalia, and over the last 30 years hundreds of thousands of Somalis have come under our care.

Our Foundation is uniquely positioned to deliver change on the field, for we are a Somali-run organization with decades of experience serving the community in Afgooye. in Somalia. We stress creating sustainable projects that can be carried out by Somalis for Somalis.

All donations to the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation are tax-deductable, as relevant local laws allow.

Our Principles

DHAF is an apolitical organization that is not affiliated with any government, political movement, religious or clan group. Our Foundation decides what projects to undertake and what relief to provide based on the ground needs of the Hawa Abdi Village.

DHAF is a financially independent organization. We receive all of our funding from charitable donations from the general public around the world and other charitable endowments. We do not accept any funding from governments or from any Somali public institutions.

All DHAF medical personnel are committed to ethics of neutrality. Since 1991, we have provided general, emergency and maternal care to displaced Somalis independent of their clan, gender, religious and political affiliation. All of our critical services to the Somali people are provided at no cost and our Foundation spends less than 2% of its all its donations on administrative costs.

Financial Reporting

We are happy to make our financial documents available for public inspection upon request. Please E-mail contact@dhaf.org